Dreaming of a Sony Clie PEG TH55

Sony Clie PEG TH55.I’ve pre-ordered the just-released Sony Clie PEG TH55 and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Brighthand has a nice review that speaks (mostly) highly of the new Palm OS compatible handheld. High points were the integrated WiFi, excellent battery life (compared to other WiFi handhelds), large screen, integrated camera, and relatively good software bundle. Low points were the email client, the low resolution of the integrated camera (640×480), and lack of Bluetooth (which is included in the European and Japanese versions).

With the bad news about the email client, I’m wondering if Palm Source’s VersaMail will run on the Clie. VersaMail does two things the bundled client can’t: IMAP and SSL. I’m such a believer in the IMAP faith that I can’t understand why POP3 still exists, but I also can’t understand why people wouldn’t use SSL and instead send their passwords all over the place in the clear.

Of course I’ll have to start picture blogging with the integrated camera once I get it. Maybe that will force me to build the picture gallery I’ve been meaning to work on for so long.

My final question is if it can support the VoIP stuff that I’d seen for the Tungsten-C.

[UPDATE]: My Clie arrived. VersaMail works, but it doesn’t have all the features I was hoping for (no SSL SMTP!, doesn’t seem to do SSL IMAP with .Mac accounts). The Mark/Space Missing Sync works well and everything is synchronizing happily. Now it’s time to accessorize with a keyboard, 256 MB or 512 MB MemoryStick, and an extra power adapter. Also, the Clie PEG-TH55 manuals are online.

4 thoughts on “Dreaming of a Sony Clie PEG TH55

  1. Casey, glad to hear about Versamail.
    I’ve had both Palm Tx & TH-55. The Sony is a far superior machine in battery life, script interpretation (dunno why, but this deficiency of Tx is maddening). I think this device basically anticipates and still overmatches the iPhone, if you prefer wifi to paying for cellular data. But I still have two and can’t quite get happy ’cause Tx browser doesn’t work with Graffitti 1, but Clie didn’t have Versamail, Any further advice on Versamail functionality? I gues for $10 I’ll just try it out.

  2. Hi.
    Love my TH-55, but it doesn’t run versamail. That’s it’s only flaw, I think.

    Encouraged by your post, I bought it, but no luck, it crashes on boot. Any advice? I would really love to get this working. I have version 3.5…

  3. I am curious whether there is any software that allows the th55 to encrypt with wpa rather than wep. I am unwilling to use my home wifi systems with wep encryption which means that I can’t use my th55 with it.
    I realize that the problem may be more hardware than software, but sony built in a hardware defect in the CF slots in the NX series, but people figured out how to write a patch around it.
    It is worth asking. Let me know if anyone knows of a patch.

  4. Anybody still home on this thread?

    I’m guessing it’s the Apple phone that’s shaken out the TH-55 used market, they’re starting to show up around $130 or so recently, affordable used.

    Now, anyone get a WiFi encryption method?

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