MacDevCenter on Home Automation

First, I found this story at MacDevCenter rather interesting:

Home Automation with Mac OS X, Part 1 by Alan Graham — Having more control over how your home operates isn’t just a geek fantasy. You can lower energy costs, improve security, and enhance the overall ambiance of your humble abode. Alan Graham shows you how to leverage your Mac OS X computer and get started.

Home automation is, of course, something I’ve wanted to play with ever since I heard about it. Sure, iTunes visuals are great, but what about programming all the lights in your house to work like a huge color organ to pulse with the music?

But I was also amused by the O’Reilly/MacDevCenter website. Along with the usual print and email buttons they had a blog this button. While they clearly wanted visitors to see the website as something more substantial than a weblog, they also wanted to cash in on the blogging public’s ability to create buzz and swing Google rankings.

Also, slightly related to home automation is [url=]OVOlab’s Phlink[/url]. It’s a telephone interface for answering and recording phone calls. It’s pretty cool, but how does it integrate with VoIP and fax machines?

The home automation story links to [url=]Perceptive Automation’s Indigo[/url]. I’m putting the link here just to keep track of it myself.

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