Newbury Open Net

Just saw a link to Newbury Open Net, a community wireless project in Boston. Newbury Open Net describes itself: is a network which provides high-speed Internet services, in the form of free wireless and for-pay workstations, to Boston’s residents, workers, and travelers. … We believe that high-speed Internet must become like a public utility: cheap, simple to access, easy to find, and available to everyone, no matter their location or social status. That makes the greatest benefit of the Net – the distribution of information – easy for all.

Yes, more than just technology, wireless access is also about social justice. Created and largely funded by Mac specialist Tech Superpowers, that social activist philosophy seems to support the old stereotype of Mac users as counterculturists. For their part, the Newbury Open Net folks seem proud of it.

But what about the technology? They have that covered too. Start with their wireless security primer, then read about how they’re building wireless applications for a world with ubiquitous wireless coverage. I’m especially interested SmartWorlds and the integration of physical and online bookstores. Finally, read about how to create an open, wireless community network yourself.

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