Okay, Now I Want One

There are two things you need to know about the The International Streamlined Tatra Site: It’s cool, and they’re cool.

I happen to love art deco advertising, and it seems Tatra has some of the best. Of course, I wouldn’t know anything about Tatra (it’s a car company, or it was, they now only make trucks) except I stumbled across this story elsewhere.

Okay, the sites front page graphic:

Is the a more art deco-looking car than this?

An ad:

The logo for the Tatraplan:

One thought on “Okay, Now I Want One

  1. I have an 8×8 TATRA T-815 that is for sale in California. This vehicle is awesome. 8-Wheel drive. I started the conversion for it to be an RV. Extensive money and engineering went into it. I basically just needs to be cladded on the outside. The design includes 2xSlide outs, a fold down sun deck, stairs that lead to the roof, seating area above the double cab. engine only has 15,000 miles. apparently it was captured in “Operation desert storm”. We are retiring and heading back to Africa – Too much accessories to list (including the hydualic systems for the slide outs. View the vehicle at http://www.SafariRV4sale.com.

    First $140,000.00 takes it. We also have a custom trailer that accommodates additional “Diesel” + “Gasoline” + “Water Tanks”

    Tel: (909) 798-1136

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