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Smoked Sea Salt March 2, 2009

smoked salt
One stop on the Savor Seattle tour was Market Spice. After the tour I went back and used my tour discount to pick up a couple of items. The most intriguing was their smoked sea salt.  I couldn’t wait to get it home to play with it. So far, it has been sprinkled on sauteed chicken for a pizza and crusted on a pork tenderloin served atop a curried coconut risotto.  It is wonderfully smoky and helping to curb my grill lust during our long NH winter.


Ode to Seattle March 2, 2009

iconic seattle

I spent my vacation week visiting with friends in Seattle. I had never been there before and I quickly developed a big old crush on the city.  It has everything I look for in city: decent public transit, walkability, a variety of different neighborhoods, and terrific food. For me, the best part was spending time with old friends but here are some other highlights.

The Savor Seattle Tour of Pike Place Market

This tour is educational and delicious. Our tour guide, Tim, had lots of information about the history of the market and its vendors. He was also personable and pleasant.  The treats we nibbled along the way were divine. My absolute favorite was the mac n’ cheese from Beecher’s Handmade Cheese.

Theo Chocolate Tour

I have noticed these lovely little chocolate bars popping up in my local NH markets. They have their factory in Seattle and I am a huge fan of both their business philosophy and their chocolate.

Tilth Restaurant

I think this may be the best meal I’ve ever had.  The play of flavors, the high quality ingredients, and the impeccable preparation made each bite a delight. I am craving the cauliflower flan right now.

Macrina Bakery

We went to breakfast here a few times. I can’t use enough modifiers to aptly describe their Chocolate Grand Marnier Coffee Cake.

Thank you Joits for the gorgeous photo.