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A Fresh Start January 19, 2009

Fresh Start Cocktail

"A Fresh Start" to celebrate the inauguration

I am excited about tomorrow’s inaugural. I feel proud and hopeful about the state of my country for the first time in a long time. I feel so hopeful that I decided to create a tribute beverage. (Ok – so I am always happy to create a tribute beverage.) I took some berries I had marinated in Grand Marnier  and a bit of maple syrup, leftover from Sunday’s breakfast, pureed and strained them. I chilled a couple of martini glasses. In my trusty shaker, I combined lemon vodka and and one of those lemon martini mixes you can get in the supermarket. Then I played. In one martini glass I spooned in the puree and then poured the lemon mixture on top. It mixed and formed the redish martini pictured. In the other glass I began by pouring in the lemon mixture and the dripped in drops of the berry puree. The blended martini was tastier. The unblended was more visually interesting. I ended up mixing-up  the second after we took the photos. I am trying to figure out if there is any symbolism in that.

Cheers! It’s a fresh start.


Dark Chocolate Martini January 6, 2008

Chocolate Martini

The holidays are past, but we still have a sweet tooth here.

  • chocolate shavings for rimming
  • 1 part crème de cacao
  • 2 parts vodka
  • dark chocolate garnish

Warm a martini glass over a small flame, then roll the rim in chocolate shavings. Put a square of dark chocolate in the glass, then prepare the liquor. Shake vodka and crème de cacao with ice and strain into glass. For additional flavor, sprinkle the top with cocoa powder or chocolate shavings.

Please tipple responsibly.


Cocktail Manifesto October 7, 2007

Cocktail Manifesto.

We’re huge fans of The New Joy of Cooking by Marion Rombauer Becker, Irma S. Rombauer, and Ethan Becker. Hardly a meal goes through our kitchen that isn’t shaped in some part by the recipes and general information in its pages. A recent discovery was Joy’s description and defense of cocktail parties.

So, when a book as serious and valuable as The New Joy of Cooking raises alarms about the declining future of cocktail parties, we listen. Cocktail parties are important, they’re an American invention that should be honored. So, host or attend a cocktail party today and raise your glass in hopes that everyone may someday have the freedom to toast in peace.


Celebrate Independence Day With A Drink July 4, 2007

Strawberry Daiquiri.Ok, the truth is that at MaisonBisson we celebrate all holidays with a drink. Since we take cocktails quite seriously, I wanted something very pretty for the little Fourth of July soiree we were having. I have found that the secret to a perfect strawberry daiquiri is using frozen strawberries. I also use lots of crushed ice and a ripe banana — it adds a nice creaminess. I garnished with whipped cream, blueberries, and star fruit.

It’s an easy and delicious recipe.

  • 2 cups crushed ice
  • 1 cup rum (light or dark depending on your preference)
  • 2 cups (a 16 oz tub) of frozen strawberries (thawed)
  • ripe banana

Combine all ingredients in a large blender that can crush ice. Blend, pour, and garnish.

Warning – this is a delicious drink and goes down really easy. If you are not careful you could find yourself standing by the bonfire and singing Yankee Doodle Dandy in your birthday suit.

Strawberry Daiquiri.


Ultimate Frozen Mud Slide Recipe June 10, 2007

Who wouldn’t enjoy a frozen mud slide on a hot summer day? Typical recipes call for crushed ice and cream or ice cream. For some reason, we decided to try making them from ice cream, from scratch.

The MaisonBisson Frozen Mud Slide

This recipe requires an ice cream maker, we used the Deni Scoop Factory.

  • 1.5 cups heavy cream
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup sugar
  • .5 cups Bailey’s
  • dash vanilla

Mix ingredients in bowl, then pour into ice cream maker’s freezer container. Follow your ice cream maker’s directions about time to freeze. Our Deni Scoop Factory was done in about 30 minutes. Spoon frozen ingredients into glass, add appropriate amounts of vodka and Kahlua and stir. Top with whipped cream and a cherry. Enjoy.