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About December 29, 2007

TowerGirl @ 1:50 pm

EthelAt MaisonBisson we have a clearly unclear division of labor. Casey kinda takes care of the techie-geeky side of things and I kinda take care of the foodie-homey side. Of course, there’s plenty of overlap and toe-trodding. Feathered Nest is an attempt to give me my own space and make sense of the chaos.


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  1. » Nest: The Softer Side of MaisonBisson Says:

    […] Without really telling me that I should have discussed the new decor with her before making any big decisions, she does say she feels it doesn’t suit her style. There are lots of ways to resolve the, um, difference of opinion, but we decided that just as Sandee gets most of the authority regarding the kitchen and I get the office, we can find a way to share the website. […]

  2. Kayla Says:

    AT Boston, again! Wanted to post your new landing strip on AT. Let me know if you’re game…


  3. TowerGirl Says:

    Absolutely! Go for it.

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