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Natural Choice Market December 29, 2007

Natural Choice MarketNew Hampshire is a state without a Whole Foods Market, Traders Joe’s, or Dean and DeLuca. While I have been known to allow an occasional lament to pass my lips, the truth is I believe we are fortunate. Without the “big boys” in the way, many independent, locally owned stores and co-ops have emerged to fill our desire for quality food. In fact, a new store opened recently in Hooksett.

Natural Choice Market is housed in a newly constructed large, barn-like structure. The golden wood tones, inside and out, are warm and inviting. It’s nice to be in there. The staff is friendly and helpful without hovering in an irritating way. The small produce section was vibrant and so much more appealing than the wears that stock the shelves of the behemoth chain groceries. The shelves and coolers are thoughtfully stocked and many local artisans are represented. If you take a moment to ask one of the helpful staff a question, you will find they know a lot about their products. We picked up a couple of loaves of bread made by Abigail’s Bakery in Weare, NH and a couple of pints of ice cream from Walpole Creamery. I’m coming back for more, as soon as I have polished off all the holiday leftovers crowding my fridge.