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A Proud Loser November 11, 2008

TowerGirl @ 12:43 pm
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Another View of the Livingroom

This is the main living space in lounge mode.

We entered Apartment Therapy’s Fall Colors Contest. Alas, we did not even make it to the semi-finals. However, we are still very proud of the deco-dorking we’ve done to our place. It’s fall so I have the orange accents out. Those will change to red after Thanksgiving. Here are the photos we entered.

Sunshine in the Livingroom

This is the main living space in dining mode.


Living/Dining Room

Another view of the main living space.

Squash Soup = Fall

Lunch - squash soup and riesling

Lunch Time

This table rocks. It lifts up for dining and drops down to be our coffee table.

Living Room

I change accessories according to the season. This is the fall color scheme.


Office Panorama

The couch in the office is a great place to work.


Office and Hydrangeas

Ideas bloom even after flowers fade.