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If you can’t afford a beach house… July 12, 2010


…you can at least have the fun of decorating one. This sweltering Northeast heatwave has fueled fantasies of a little place on the shore where I can spend the days cooled by ocean breezes and brisk sea water.  I dream of this place. Being a design junky, I mostly fantasize about how I’d furnish it if I had a nice budget to do so.

I have long admired the room vignettes that Nicole Balch puts together on her totally addictive blog Making It Lovely. I have no idea if she uses the same method I did. I am sure she must have a more elegant solution than the one I used. Mine is a hodgepodge of a couple of different pieces of software.  I take a screenshot of a piece I like, I paste that into KeyNote and use the fabulous Alpha feature to isolate only the item, then I paste that into OmniGraffle to arrange my room. Be warned: this is a lot of fun and a major time sucker.

For my beach house I went with a modern, cottage-chic look. Here’s what I chose:

The total cost of my dream room is $5,097. This definitely exceeds any furniture budget I have ever had to work with, but it sure is fun to dream. Time for a vodka tonic and a trashy paperback; this is the sort of escape I can afford.