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Be Careful What You Wish For July 5, 2010

TowerGirl @ 3:38 pm
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My wonderful parents are off cruising to Alaska. I am both jealous and happy for them. Before they left they had my birthday present delivered a bit early. Uncharacteristically, I had asked for a kitchen gadget, a basic Cuisinart ice cream maker. We received a similar maker for our wedding nearly twelve years ago, but that has been lost to time, moves, or clumsiness.

I try to live as clutter-free as possible. Our home is smallish and its odd layout leaves little room for storage. When we prepared to move here I sorted through my extensive collection of kitchen gadgets and moved only the essentials. However, as the years have progressed I have discovered a desire for some of these nonessential items. The ice cream maker is one of these.

Dairy and I are not always good friends. As a result, I swore off ice cream for a few years. This year I have gone back to the frozen treat and discover that a little bit now and then does not hurt me. I also adore sorbet, but I get tired of the limited variety flavors available in my local grocery stores.I figured if I had my own machine I could have fun playing with new recipes and expanding my summer indulgence options.

As soon as the package arrived I opened it and froze the tub. Then we went away for a few days. Yesterday I made a little batch of raspberry gelato. It tasted so tart and fresh. So much better than anything I have ever purchase in the store. This morning I mixed the base for a carmel-chocolate sorbet featured in this month’s Vegetarian Times. It’s cooling now but should be ready for the ice cream maker in a few hours. I am sensing that homemade frozen treats could be a dangerous new addiction. When I blow out my birthday candles in a few days, I will have to wish for some willpower.