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Dirty Little Secrets May 1, 2010

and sometimes I have to do it all in COLOR

Every family has a secret or two that they keep to themselves. A little something that is too horrific to share with the outside world. Better, they think, to sweep it under the carpet or bury it in the back of the closet.

However, with the exception of bath mats, we have no carpets. We also have very little closet space. Besides, all those Dr. Phil types are always telling us to talk things out and put things out in the open. Brace yourself Philly-Boy. This one will get you right in the heart.

Our dirty little secret is the truly obscene amount of butter I use when I go on a baking spree. Today I made caramel corn for an upcoming school trip. I made a lot of caramel corn. I used three pounds of butter in two and a half hours. If that won’t stop your heart, nothing will.

Damn! It felt good to get that off my chest. Dr. Phil, I think I’m cured.

(Gorgeous butter photo by Robert S. Donovan.)