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OPUS (Other People’s Unique Stuff) June 11, 2009

OPUS Manchester

So often we drive by interesting places in our own backyards, but we don’t take the time to stop and check them out.  Like most of us, I am busy and taking an unplanned detour threatens to topple my carefully constructed schedule. It is ironic, but I find I need to plan a day to be spontaneous. I was on vacation last week and I planned such a day.  Armed with list of places I’d been meaning to pop into, I headed out to explore these little pockets of mystery I pass every day.

The best of these was OPUS on Manchester’s West Side. If I owned a store, this would be it.  It is a wonderful collection of lovingly selected treasures. They have an impressive selection of antique furnishings. They have kitchenware and lamps. They have vintage clothing and jewelry. It is all carefully arranged to create an inviting space that you could blissfully lose hours exploring – I did.  The prices are reasonable and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I plan on returning often.