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Day Of The Donut April 24, 2009

Day of the Donut dessert

Yesterday as I was finalizing my grocery list my dear husband informed me it was “The Day of the Donut”. He said it with awe and longing. I was feeling rushed and told him to go to Dunkins if he wanted a damn donut. As I shopped, I was hit by a wave of remorse. I visited the pastry case and spied classic glazed donuts (alas no Krispy Kremes). I wanted something springy and fruity, the man wanted donuts. I decided to marry the two. Here we have a glazed donut, a lemony marscapone filling, berries marinated in a bit of sugar and Grand Marnier, and whipped cream. It’s a shortcake for the donut enthusiast. The hubby smiled and told me I am the best wife ever. Who could ask for more?