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T Minus Twenty-Four Hours and Counting November 26, 2008

Choya MartiniI took yesterday off. My day job had been taxing due to the hyperactive and hormonal nature of my clientele. I needed a respite. I drank a vodka martini and watched Dr. Zhivago. I feel better now.

However, my evening of indulgence means that I am now behind on Operation Thanksgiving.  I got out of said day job early today, so I now need to scramble around and get my derriere in gear. On my agenda for today is house cleaning, most of which will pawned off the hubby.  Then I need to roast garlic for tomorrow’s garlic mashed potatoes. I need to make the wild rice stuffing and the traditional bread stuffing.  I need to salt both the twenty-pound dinner turkey and a separate turkey breast. The auxiliary breast is for my husband’s traditional post-gluttony hike with his friend Will. They climb a mountain and camp, in NH, the day after Thanksgiving. I don’t believe in cold weather camping. Why the hell would I want to freeze to death on an, admittedly, lovely mountain when I happen to possess a nice, warm bed? I am all for the outdoors but I draw the line when adventure becomes torture. I go shopping on Friday, it is equally challenging — but warmer.

CC-licensed martini photo by Jazreel Chan.