Inserts a list of posts related to the current post (also works for pages, if you’ve tagged them). Screenshot, from Scriblio.net. Also available via the_related() template tag.

bSuite Recently Commented

Inserts a list of recently commented posts. Differs from WordPress’ built-in widget in that it only shows the posts, not commenters’ names. Screenshot, from Spiralbound.net.

bStat Posts

Shows a list most trafficked posts. Screenshot, from Spiralbound.net.

bStat Refs

Shows a list of most frequent recent search terms.

9 thoughts on “Widgets

  1. Hi,
    i’d likte tu use the bSuite functionality but not by using widgets. Is there any documentation on template tags for recently commentet, refs or posts?

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for the plugin, a great idea!

    I got a question about the bstat Refs widget: is there a way to adjust the “recentness” of the search terms? For example I’d like the widget to show most popular search terms from the last 48 hours. Is it possible?

  3. hello,

    did bsuite compatible with latest wp version 2.8 ? can he working fine with share hosting? how can i make show tag search with bsuite?


  4. Hi,

    I really like the related posts and ‘people who viewed this also…’ functionallity that your addon gives my site, however, I need to exclude a couple of posts from this. Is there a way to apply it to everything ‘except’ a few defined pages? Cheers!

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