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bSuite Tag Importer will import tags from the content of the posts. If you’ve been tagging your posts with previous versions of bSuite, SimpleTags, Ecto, Performancing/ScribFire, or almost any other tool or plugin that writes tags into the post content, this is the importer for you.

Recognized Tags

  • Any link with a rel=“tag” attribute
  • Any number of single tags like this: <tag>tag name</tag> or [tag]tag name[/tag]
  • A block of comma-delimited tags like this: <tags>WordPress, WordPress Plugin</tags> or [tags]WordPress, WordPress Plugin[/tags]


bSuite Tag Importer is included with the bSuite download, but it must be activated separately. Download it, place the entire bsuite folder into your wp-content/plugins/ directory, and activate the bSuite Tag Importer.


  • Go to your blog’s Manage > Import tab and click the link to bSuite Tag Importer.
    bSuite tag importer
  • Click the button to get started. The page will automatically reload with batches of posts as it processes them. A completion report will appear when it’s done.
    bSuite tag importer at work

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