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bSuite Private Comments leverages the WordPress comment system to allow users to send messages to blog authors. The messages aren’t shown on the page or in the comments feed, but are managed inside WordPress as mostly-regular comments. I use it for private contact forms.


  • Download and untar bsuite_privatecomments.tar.gz
  • Place the bsuite_privatecomments folder into your wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Log in to your WordPress admin panel and activate the plugin.
  • Add something like the following to your comment form in your theme’s comments.php: <input id="privatecomment" name="privatecomment" type="checkbox" value="" />Please make my comment private!


Any comment that is submitted with the privatecomment checkbox set will be hidden from from all comment feeds, and in the comments table will have a comment_status of ‘private’ (the plugin automatically adds the appropriate enumerated field values to the table definition).

To view, delete, mark as spam, or even publish a private comment, click on your blog’s Comments tab, then select the Private Comments sub-tab.


Please report bugs in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “Private Comments

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  3. hello
    i am going to write a disertation about “accessibility in OPACs”.
    could you help me ?

  4. hello
    i am going to write a dissertation about “accessibility in OPACs”.
    could you help me ?

    • @Li-An: I lost the code for this plugin and I doubt it works anymore. I’ve rewritten a bit of it in the bSuite comment /response widget, but that’s not entirely complete yet.

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