Blog Archives|| Bush says “thousands of lives were suddenly ended” in terrorist attacks.

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Comments Off|| Bush says military on high-alert status

Comments Off|| Fourth explosion at World Trade Center.

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t, has died in a scuba diving accident while in Jamaica. Tammy and Trent were vaca

Comments Off|Update on Tammy Trent|It is with much sadness that we report that we have received confirmation that Trent Linderink, husband of Tammy Tren

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fficials at Somerset County Airport confirm.

Comments Off|| Large plane crashes in western Pennsylvania, o

Comments Off|| Second World Trade Center tower collapses.

Comments Off|| High-ranking city police official says the number of people killed or injured could be in the thousands.

Comments Off|| Car bomb explodes outside State Department, senior law enforceement officials say.

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‘s attacks. There is a direct link to the American

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Comments Off|| United Airlines confirms second United plane crashing, location not given.

Comments Off|| Federal Reserve reports it is prepared to provide additional money to nation’s banking system as needed following terrorist attacks.

Comments Off|| United Airlines confirms flight from Newark, N.J., to San Francisco crashed near Pittsburgh.

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arrying 156 people.

Comments Off|| American Airlines says it “lost” two aircraft c

Comments Off|| One World Trade Center tower collapses.

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s another building near World Trade Center.

Comments Off|| Explosion hit

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l Aviation Administration has shut down all aircraft takeoffs nationwide.

Comments Off|| The Federa

Comments Off|| White House threatned with terrorist attack, source says.

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