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Attn Managers, There will be a conf call at 0700 local time with OPB to discuss the latest updates and plans to resume service. DENOO – Duane Perry

Comments Off||Did you forget to call me?

Comments Off||Can you believe people are calling rescuers from their cell phones, telling them they are trapped in the trade center?!?!

Comments Off||Diego called from Argentina to make sure you were o.k. Have you heard from your mom or is she still away?

Comments Off||I wonder how many people have figured out that todays date is 911?

Comments Off||Tom and Judy are both home. How is everything there?

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ttacks agains the US

Comments Off||The Palenstinians are chanting God is Great and distributing candy in the street because of the successful terrorist a

Comments Off||The flight that went down in pittsburg was United from Newark to San Fran. They closed my moms office today.

Comments Off||There is a bomb in Styvesant High School in NYC, and American says the second plane was theirs, from Dulles to LA.

Comments Off||Camp David has now apparently been hit with another hijacked plane, but it is unconfirmed.

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