Blog Archives|Randy safe in Maryland, sitting in bar, drinking beer, watching the events as they unfold on TV.|Citrus Punch

Comments Off|Call me. This is important.|Citrus Punch

Comments Off|Call me. I have some news that I can’t put in writing.|Citrus Punch

Comments Off|How goes it? I’m thinking about you. Love, ACE|Citrus Punch

Comments Off|Randy Crawford in Maryland. Haven’t heard from Carole whether she has talked w/ him.|Citrus Punch

Comments Off|LAX on lockdown until at least 3pm|Citrus Punch

Comments Off|Coast Guard is boarding all ships going into LA harbors. Border open, but high security. All US planes accounted for and on the ground somewhere.|Citrus Punch

Comments Off|Tijuana Border closed.|Citrus Punch

Comments Off|Both flights that flew into Trade Center were American Airlines. One from Boston, the other from La Guardia.|Citrus Punch

Comments Off|Heathrow closed. All Int’l planes in air diverted to Canada.|Citrus Punch

Comments Off|Mark, In case something happens down here today, please remember that I love you! ACE|Citrus Punch

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Comments Off|Plane crashed near Camp David. All skyscrapers in Chicago evacuated. Plane that crashed near Pittsburgh was bound for Chicago. More as I hear it.|Citrus Punch Arlene Day BLOCKHOUSE DQ/UNICOR e-mail: aday0

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