**Horoscopes**.*****Metrocall*****.>ARIES: Snap out of it and get back to reality..>TAURUS: Ignore comments of the less talented..>GEMINI: Differences unite you & a new friend..>CANCER: Tread softly as personality conflicts erupt..>LEO: Speak up at work..>VIRGO: Don’t worry about what others think of you..>LIBRA: Exercise relieves tension..>SCORPIO: Look for common interests w/ a new love interest..>SAGITTARIUS: Try to be tolerant in business..>CAPRICORN: You are in tune with your inner-self..>AQUARIUS: Put a finiancial glitch behind you..>PISCES: Intellectual pursuit is especially favored..*******************.(c)2001 DATACAST(R).www.datacastnews.com..

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